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BIOL 818: Molecular Techniques in Evolution and Ecology


BIOL 818 is a laboratory-intensive course designed for graduate students who don't have much or any molecular experience, but who want to incorporate molecular work (cloning, sequencing, PCR, etc.) into their thesis project.

Because lab space is limited and the laboratory exercises require one-on-one instruction, we usually accept only 8 or 9 students for the course. Online registration is blocked because it requires instructor permission - once I have selected a list of students who will be admitted, I will issue permit numbers so that you can add the course (on the first day of classes since that is when permit numbers become valid).

In order to consider your application for admittance to the course, please send via email a brief statement providing information on:

  1. your degree concentration area and the name of your thesis advisor
  2. a description of your background preparation, including familiarity with laboratory techniques in general and with molecular genetics techniques in particular
  3. your reasons for wanting to take the course, especially any intention to use molecular methods in a project, and what that project might be
  4. information on the type and scope (number of specimens, number of analyses, type of molecular analysis) you may be planning to use in a project (if you wish to provide a resume in addition to your brief written statement that is allowable, but will not substitute for the requested statement)

    Please note most of the time only one actual "lecture" is held per week, followed by lab exercises, and the entire period is spent in the lab on the other day. Some of the laboratory exercises are computer labs, held in the AppleCore computer classroom in SCI249.


    Click below to view a sample syllabus from BIOL 818 so you have some idea of class structure, scheduling, etc.

    BIOL 818 Syllabus (Fall 2013)

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